Sunday, 3 July 2016

People and Protest-Joan of Arc


I weaved through the huge crowd of lords and ladies cloaked in purple garments and decked with fine riches. All of their noses were in the air, like there was a bad smell in the great hall of the Vaucouleurs stronghold. With a gasp I realised that I was the “bad smell”. As a peasant I didn’t have enough money, especially as I had to get new garments.I needed to clothe myself in men clothes so I could pass as a man and demand an audience with Prince Charles of Valois. I have tried many a times as a teenage girl, but was sadly, yet predictably, turned down.

I felt like I was playing a “spot the difference” game with my four siblings in our shabby little cottage. I needed to find a weak, but quite powerful man dressed in gold, amongst the proud selfish and vain individuals. As I tried to look for the him, I saw a man in the middle right of the crowd and abruptly stopped in my tracks. He was wearing a white fur coat with striped fur like a grey tiger and sleeves as blue as the deep ocean. He had white skinny leggings, orange elf shoes and a metallic brown crown with bent at the top to make a family crest. I smiled and walked with confidence towards him.
“Prince Charles of Valois. I wish to have a sword and a small army. Give me this and I shall drive away the English who have unrightfully taken over our country.” I said with as much bravado as I could muster.
“You have found me faster than I have expected.” Prince Charles said with awe and a hint of respect. “And why would you do such a thing? You are merely a countryman. Has someone commanded you to do so?”
“God has commanded me so.” I stated.
“I admire your bravery and courage young countryman. I shall grant your wish. Fetch me my sword!” He bellowed.
Guards rushed closer to the prince blocking out the guests as two servants gave the prince his sword. I bent down on one knee as the dauphin presented to me his silver sword. Advisors tried in vain to persuade the prince to do otherwise.
With retorts such as, ‘You are sending an untrained man to war? He will get killed! Beheaded! Slaughtered!”
I shivered as I pictured a gruesome image of myself getting slaughtered by the English soldiers. But the prince ignored their protests with a wave of his hand. The sword glinted in the sunlight. It’s glow filled me with hope as I grabbed the hilt of the sword tightly and bowed my head in thanks. In that moment I knew that I will be able to do anything as long as I had God alongside me.
“Are you afraid?” Charles whispered worriedly. As I wondered why he was worrying for me, I realised that he had put all of his faith in me.
“I..I am not afraid...I was born to do this!” I declared.

By Estelle

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  1. Hi Estelle. Great writing - did you get this checked by a teacher before posting? Remember to use capital letters for your title. Thanks for sharing.


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