Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Moment in time: The Park

“Ha ha ha!” I squirm as I hear a loud booming laugh. I can feel the soft breeze brushing against me. I can hear the rustle of the leaves, swaying in the breeze. I’m at the park. I see two people sitting on a bench. Father and son.

Then I hear a conversation going on. “Really, I mean it, since you have been practising your skills, you are getting better and better. Achieving goals, cheering your teammates on, you might be a captain.” I am intrigued in their conversation, so I listen for some more. “Really, you really think so dad?” I hear the boy say. The dad then says in an encouraging voice, “I know you can do it, really. You know when I was your age…” I am still confused about what they are talking about, but then I notice that the boy is holding a soccer ball. The bench was creaking as they moved uncomfortably on it. I look around and I am surprised to see that the other benches are deserted.

As I stare at a particular bench and realise that it has a lovely colour of lightish orange colour. The dad then says, “ When you are older, I bet that you will be in the fifa world cup, and the star of your team.” I look at the boy, he is smiling, an unsure smile, but still glad that his dad said that. The white part of his shoe glisten in the sunlight. His orange t-shirt is flapping slightly in the breeze. And his light brown shorts would move a little bit then stop, and then it would move a little again. His dad is in a casual outfit, dark blue short sleeved t-shirt, and light blue jeans.

The reflection of the sun on the ball caught my eye. I then wondered about the conversation that they had earlier. Fifa world cup is happening and the boys dads goal/dream for his son. Do all fathers really care for their child’s interests and goals? Or do they just tell their child what they want them to do? Sometimes fathers just force their children to do what they want. But what about children’s freedom? Our rights? Or do children have no rights?

By: Estelle

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