Thursday, 30 October 2014

Book Review

Midnight for
Charlie Bone

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Midnight for Charlie Bone is about an eleven year old boy named, Charlie starts to notice weird things happening to him. Charlie gets asked by Julia Ingledew, who is a book store owner, to find her long lost niece that her brother traded for a case.
This case was given to Charlie and he was also given the task to find the lost girl and to find out more about his special power. Charlie’s special power lets him hear what people are saying in the photo. His vile and nasty grandma Bone, sends him to Bloor’s Academy. At first, the Academy looks like a dreaded place, but it could be where the lost girl could be. So with the help of his friends, and some of his family, Charlie goes on his first adventure at Bloor’s Academy, to find the lost girl in favour of Miss. Ingledew.

I like this book because  it is very interesting.   It is so good that every part is an interesting part. I can’t put the book down even for a minute! My rating for this book is 5 STARS!!! I recommend this book to people who love a bit of magic in their adventure books, and to people who are ages 9 and above.


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